Stellar Watcher

Receive notifications every time your wallet changes.

Webhook notifications

Your webhook url must respond with 202 Accepted status code. I will retry failures with an exponential backoff using the formula (retry_count ** 4) + 15 + (rand(30) * (retry_count + 1)) (i.e. 15, 16, 31, 96, 271, ... seconds + a random amount of time). It will perform 25 retries over approximately 21 days before giving up.

You'll receive one notification for each operation containing operation_id=:id as the POST data. You can then make a request to to retrieve all the information related to that operation.


So you're worried about your privacy. I get it! This is what you should know:

Both your e-mail and wallet public key are stored encrypted on the database.

You're still worried, aren't you? That's good! I give you a simple solution:

Create an e-mail account on GMail and forward every message from to your real e-mail address. Simple as that!

Remember: you can always unsubscribe and remove all of your data.


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